Malls in Bhiwadi

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that Bhiwadi is a city that is known for its rich tradition and culture which is equally found in the shopping arcades and the traditional markets of the city. But, recently the city of Bhiwadi has gone through an exceptional transformation because of the development of a large number of industries in the city. It is only because of the industrial development of Bhiwadi, that people from all over India have started moving to this town in search of employment. This has in turn created a lot of accommodation and shopping options throughout Bhiwadi. Apart from the traditional markets that are found in and around Bhiwadi, a lot of modern form of shopping have also been developed in the city for the shopping requirements of the professional and the modern section of the society in Bhiwadi.

Malls in Bhiwadi

Here's talking of the popular malls that have sprung up in the city of Bhiwadi are Capital Galleria, Capital Mall, Capital Highstreet, Genesis Mall and V Square Mall. All these malls located in the city of Bhiwadi have been elaborated below:

Capital Galleria Mall in Bhiwadi

Capital Galleria is a mall that is located in Bhiwadi which is a industrial town that is fast developing in the periphery of Delhi NCR and is also considered to be an extension of the south Gurgaon. It is a mall that features the first Office and Retail complex in the city of Bhiwadi and it brings together a huge area of office, recreation and retail all under a single roof. Capital Galleria is a mall in Bhiwadi that aims to rank among the largest Office cum Retail complex in the city with around G+7 storeys that have been dedicated to offices and retail. It is truly a commercial and an architectural landmark in Bhiwadi. The mall is spread over an area of 13,250 square meters and it possesses a frontage of 735 square feet. The first and the ground floors of this mall are for retails while the second floor is for commercial establishments and offices. The Capital Galleria mall is located in the center of the city of Bhiwadi and very close to the industrial area of Bhiwadi that possesses some o the most popular and branded companies like Honda Siel, Gobain Glass and Tata Saint. This mall is very well connected to the city of Gurgaon by means of the Sohna Road and NH 8. The mall features various restaurants and food courts including a gym and several renowned offices.

Capital Mall in Bhiwadi

Capital Mall serves as the one stop shop for all the entertainment, shopping, eating out and leisure related requirements of the people of Bhiwadi. The mall features enhancing lifestyle, international and national retail brands, designer boutiques, merchandise, popular anchor stores and an all encompassing market. The Capital Mall renders a very large variety of food courts, restaurants, coffee shops and fast food centers. It also consists of a gaming zone for kids along with a 3 screen multiplex and a theme house. This mall is an exclusive and a first of its kind mall located in the city of Bhiwadi. The Capital Mall is the biggest mall in the city of Bhiwadi and it is spread over an area of 500000 square feet. It consists of seven storeys that have been uniquely dedicated to entertainment and retail. The Capital Mall is found to be well-equipped with convenience facilities for the creation of a grand and an exotic retail experience for the people who visit this mall. The mall is sited amidst the industrial and the residential regions of Bhiwadi and lies at a distance of only 55 kilometers from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Capital Highstreet in Bhiwadi

Capital Highstreet is a name that has revolutionized the entire meaning of shopping in the city of Bhiwadi. This mall covers an area of around 21000 square meters consisting of a two level of basement parking. The mall consists of ten floors among which four floors have been dedicated to retail, three have been dedicated to service suites and three others have been dedicated to offices. Capital Highstreet mall is strategically located on the NH 71B in Bhiwadi and it features various brands of food courts, gymnasium, spa, offices and restaurants.

Genesis Mall in Bhiwadi

The Genesis Mall is situated on the Bhiwadi-Alwar bypass rod and it has been designed in such a way that it has become the first choice for families who look for shopping options, entertainment and eat outs in Bhiwadi. The Genesis Mall consists of eight floors and it is spread over an area of 405 acres with two floors that have been dedicated to offices. The mall also consists of capsule lift, air conditioned centrally, escalators at all the floors, security with CCTV, automatic fire systems and ample space or car parking. The mall also features specialty stores, anchor stores, hyper markets, boutiques, theme galleries, brand outlets, beauty salons, retro bars, multiplex, disco and fun world for games.

V Square Mall in Bhiwadi

The V Sqaure Mall is located on the Alwar-Bhiwadi Road and it is a mall that serves as an important commercial landmark and even a shopping mall consisting of a multiplex that is ultra modern. It is spread over an area of 200,000 square feet and it attracts the people of Dharuhera and Bhiwadi. The V Sqaure Mall also consists of similar facilities and modernized features like the other malls in Bhiwadi. The V Sqaure Mall in Bhiwadi stands as an example of modern shopping alternative that consists of a wide variety of restaurant, cafes, food courts, gym, spas swimming pool and even a games zone for the kids. The facilities that are found available at the V Sqaure Mall are quite similar to the facilities available with the malls located in the metro cities of India. Shopping can not only be fun but it would be an entertaining experience to shop at V Sqaure Mall.

Shopping can truly be a fun experience in the malls that are structurally designed in the city of Bhiwadi.

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