Healthcare in Bhiwadi

Bhiwadi is a city that is found to be strategically located amidst the cities of Jaipur, Delhi and Gurgaon and it is a city that has recently been awarded with the status of being a Priority Town or Regional Centre in the National Capital Region or NCR. Apart from the large industries located in Bhiwadi, the city can also boast of rendering some of the best civil amenities and ample facilities. There are a large number of health care facilities also available in Bhiwadi in the form of hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics and even government hospitals.      

Healthcare in Bhiwadi

Hospitals in Bhiwadi

The hospitals of Bhiwadi carry immense importance and the good and quality healthcare services available in the hospitals of Bhiwadi make these hospitals the pride of the city. Most of the hospitals located in Bhiwadi are multispecialty hospitals possessing strengthened healthcare infrastructure and facilities. The hospitals in Bhiwadi have emerged as benchmark in healthcare delivery and quality standards.

The services that are offered at the hospitals in Bhiwadi are quite comprehensive that include diagnosis, investigations, surgery, post operative care and therapy. All the hospitals in Bhiwadi possess trained staff in the medical and the administrative field and the hospitals also possess the latest technology in treating and taking care of patients. All the hospitals in Bhiwadi possess emergency and accident departments that consist of beds for special trauma care and operation theatre for major as well as minor surgeries.

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Nursing Homes in Bhiwadi

Nursing homes in Bhiwadi are also considered to be one of the pioneer institutions in providing healthcare and medical facilities to the people of Bhiwadi. The nursing homes in Bhiwadi consist of intensive care units, labour rooms, operation theatres, deluxe and super deluxe rooms, wards, diagnostic centres and even medical stores for the convenience of the people who get their family members and friends admitted at these nursing homes. Nursing homes in Bhiwadi operate twenty four by seven and they do not miss out on offering the best quality of services to the people living in Bhiwadi.

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Yoga and Yoga Classes in Bhiwadi

Yoga is an ancient Indian process of attaining physical as well as mental health and fitness and this form of attaining mental and physical fitness has become very popular throughout the world. Bhiwadi is one city in India that boasts of possessing master practitioners of yoga. The practitioners of yoga and the ones who run yoga classes in Bhiwadi teach various types of techniques that help in overcoming the bondage of the body by means of restraining the senses, mastering the mind and controlling the desires and thoughts of an individual. The yoga classes available in Bhiwadi help in going beyond and reaching the internal depth of divine and all perfect being. Most of the yoga classes in Bhiwadi are located very close to Alwar and there is one yoga class that is found within Bhiwadi which is:

Fitness Plaza at 41
Raghu Complex
Near Harish Hospital
Sec No.10, Alwar HO
Alwar – 301001
Phone: 9636592647

Dieticians in Bhiwadi

There are not many dieticians in Bhiwadi but there are a lot of dieticians found in the district of Alwar within which Bhiwadi is located. The people who are very careful about their nutritional requirements and their health can always go for the services of the dieticians located in Alwar because dieticians serve as a platform for people to get an insight into the important issues that are related to health and fitness.

Occupational Therapies in Bhiwadi

Occupational therapists are health professionals who bear the responsibility of helping patients in regaining their capability of performing daily work and living activities. Occupational therapies serve to be very important for people who are unable to carry out their daily activities because of physical, developmental, mental and environmental disabling conditions. Occupational therapists in Bhiwadi also serve as speech therapists, psychologists, social workers and physical therapists. There are not many occupational therapists found in Bhiwadi but the ones that are present are found doing a good job in assisting clients and patients in performing different types of activities related to work and home. The services provided by the occupational therapists in Bhiwadi are quite modernized and they also cover areas where the use of computers and other modern tools is also taught to the patients or the people or are disabled mentally, physically and developmentally.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Bhiwadi

Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Bhiwadi are not many in number and most of them are found to be located in the district of Alwar which also covers the area of Bhiwadi. Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Bhiwadi do not work in different areas and this is something that is found throughout the world. The educational criteria of psychologists and psychiatrists are completely different but the work that they do is something that is similar and both the professions are often mistaken by the people as one. Dr. Sahil is a trained psychologist in Bhiwadi operating near Bhiwadi Police Chowki, Bhiwadi more, Bhiwadi ho, Bhiwadi – 301019 and his contact number is 9728904607.

Medical Tourism in Bhiwadi

World-class medical and health care facilities are offered in Bhiwadi and the main reason behind this is the fact that Bhiwadi is located in Rajasthan that serves as one of the pioneering western states in the field of medical tourism. Medical tourism in Bhiwadi is found to be on an advanced and standard level because of the best hospitals located in the city and also because of its possession of some of the highly qualified doctors of Rajasthan. There are private sector investments made in the health sector so that the process of establishing health institutions in Bhiwadi can be aggravated. The government of Rajasthan is also found making considerable efforts in the field of accentuating medical tourism and health facilities in Bhiwadi. It is the large scale development that has taken place in the medical and health care facilities of Bhiwadi that has resulted in the growth of medical tourism in the city and there are a large number of visitors visiting Bhiwadi for medical considerations.

Health facilities in Bhiwadi are quite advanced and they are found doing a good job in managing and solving the health related problems of the people of Bhiwadi.
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