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Culture of Bhiwadi

Bhiwadi is very rich in terms of culture and this is clearly evident in the creativity, grace and the simplicity of the city. The cultural heritage of Bhiwadi is visible in the loving nature and easy-going life of the people here. The city enjoys celebrations and colors of its culture through the rituals and the festivals that are celebrated here. Apart from the festivals celebrated, there are other fairs that are also organised by people on various occasions.
Culture of Bhiwadi

Religions in Bhiwadi

The culture of Bhiwadi people is majorly known for its diversity and richness. As Bhiwadi is a part of Rajasthan, certainly like any other city or town in the state, it too is blessed with ancient monuments like forts and havelis. People of various religions live here peacefully.

Ethnic tribes live here in abundance in Bhiwadi. They are majorly Banjaras, Mewatis, Minas and Meos. All these tribes live a nomadic life. They are known to be skilled craftsmen who have been successfully carrying and retaining their culture and tradition since ages. However, the most important tribes that are found living in majority in the city of Bhiwadi are the Minas and the Meos. The Muslim population of the city is found to be less than 10% and most of the Muslims living in Bhiwadi are Sunnis. Rajputs are also one of the main sections of the society in Bhiwadi, they are known to be very influential. The Rajputs in Bhiwadi are found to be very proud of their ancestry and martial reputation.

Languages in Bhiwadi

The main languages spoken by the people of Bhiwadi are Rajasthan, Marwari, English and Hindi. The large scale industrial development that has taken place in Bhiwadi recently has played an important role in transforming the way of thinking and the method of living. Nowadays, there are very few people in Bhiwadi who are living a simple lifestyle and cladding the traditional dresses of Bhiwadi. Most of the people living in Bhiwadi are quite educated and professional and they practice living a modern lifestyle.  

Costumes in Bhiwadi

The culture and people of Bhiwadi represent the typical lifestyle of the people here. The people practice simple and easy living, without any pomp n show. Most of the people living in Bhiwadi are tradesmen selling various types of goods like tie-and-dye saris, ethnic jewellery, and even different types of handicrafts. The women wear lehengas, tie-and-dye saris, dupattas and patkas. The men generally wear turbans and are widely popular for the traditional dressing that they practice including potia, dhoti, angrakhi, banda, dhabla, pachwara, bugatori and khol.

Music & Music Classes in Bhiwadi

Bhiwadi is a rich city that boasts of cultural wealth. The people here love music of different sorts. The musical background of Bhiwadi is rich. If you too love music and wish to learn this art, you can go for some music classes in Bhiwadi itself that train the people in the art of music. The other popular music academies are located in the main district of Alwar. Few of the music classes in Bhiwadi are mentioned as under:
  • Sabir Saraswati Music & Dance
Address: Kala Bharti, In Front Of Company Garden, Happy Public School, Alwar Ho, Alwar – 301001, Rajasthan, India
Phone: 9785895021

  • Archives Musica
Address: 93-94, JAI Complex, Above Peter England Showroom, Road No-2, Alwar Ho, Alwar – 301001, Rajasthan, India
Phone: 9887002434

Dance &Dance Classes in Bhiwadi

Dance culture is also found to be widely popular in Bhiwadi. The people of Bhiwadi are fond of learning different forms of dances because of the fact that they have a very strong interest in dance that goes back to the cultural wealth of the city. Some of the dance classes or academies that are located in Bhiwadi have been listed below:
  • Fulwari Nritya Kala Mandir
Contact Person: Mr. Girraj Khandelwal
Phone: 01442345562, 9414016278
Address: 31, Jeevan Dhara Scheme No 4, Alwar GPO, Alwar, Rajasthan, India

  •  Indian Active Dance Academy , Gaurav Path , Bhiwadi
Address:   1/24, UIT Housing Board, Gaurav Path, Bhiwadi- 301019, Rajasthan, India Landmark:  Opposite Presidency School
Mobile:  7891165324, 9610529929

Drama and Theatre in Bhiwadi

Drama and theatre are not quite prevalent in the city of Bhiwadi as most of the people are found to be engaged in their daily work of craftsmanship and even service. With the setting up of a large number of industries in Bhiwadi recently, the people of Bhiwadi do not have ample time to be spent in drama and theatre activities.

Art and Craft, Art Galleries and Handicrafts in Bhiwadi

Art and craft is spread over a large area in Bhiwadi and the art and craft interest and craze that is found in the people of Bhiwadi is missing in the other parts of Rajasthan. There are very few art galleries located in Bhiwadi and most of them are usually found in the main city of Alwar. However, Bhiwadi is a city in the Alwar district of Rajasthan that is very renowned for its exclusive Rajasthani handicrafts and silver jewellery. There are various types of rich handicrafts found in the city of Bhiwadi but the most important ones among all the rich handicrafts found in the city are carpets, terracotta statues, embroidered leather Jutis or Mojris, pottery and bangles. Tourists who visit Bhiwadi can buy various things from the markets of Bhiwadi as gifts for their friends and family members back home. Some of the shops selling art, craft and handicrafts in Bhiwadi have been detailed below:
  • Neelam Glass & Aluminum Works
Address: Near Petrol Pump Main Road, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India

  • J K Art
Address: A-16, Vedram Shopping Complex, Opposite Bhiwadi Petrol Pump, Main Road Bhiwadi, Alwar, Rajasthan, India
Phone: 9887473809

Festivals and Fairs in Bhiwadi

Bhiwadi is a city in the Alwar district of Rajasthan that abounds in vibrant and rich festivals and these festivals are celebrated in Bhiwadi all round the year. The festivals and fairs in Bhiwadi form an integral part of the heritage and the culture of Bhiwadi. Different types of festivals like Bharathari Natak, Swang, Ganesh Chaturthi, Teej Mata and Tajeeya are celebrated in Bhiwadi. Other trade fairs and exhibitions like elephant polo, flower exhibitions and fancy dress competitions are also organised in the city during the year. The festivals that are celebrated in Bhiwadi are majorly approved and organised by the administrative wing of the city and these festivals play a very important role in encouraging tourism and trade and at the same time they accentuate the rich heritage of Bhiwadi. They help in boosting the economy of Bhiwadi to a large extent. The travelers and the tourist who visit Bhiwadi are tempted by the variety and the richness of the tradition and culture of Bhiwadi and its people.

Auditoriums in Bhiwadi

There are no such auditoriums located in Bhiwadi as the population in Bhiwadi is not very large but there is one auditorium located in the district of Alwar which also comprises of the city of Bhiwadi. Town hall located in Alwar serves as the main auditorium of all the tehsils located in the district and the same applies for Bhiwadi.

The culture of Bhiwadi is quite rich and vibrant and at the same time the people are very simple and peace-loving.

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